Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The New York Sartorialist Is Shot

So imagine the scene. I'm taking photos, or trying, of potential subjects for the New York Sartorialist blog. I'm positioning my subject for the shot, I have a cameraman shooting film positioning me and a photographer, Mark Fisher, giving orders to position it all in one still frame. And repeat... All on a busy sidewalk in SOHO. Just in a days work. The good news is that we have tangible evidence of the madness with some select photos below (a couple of MY subject shots shown in the New York Sartorialist). Why? More will be revealed :-)  Enjoy!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Starbucks Will Never Die

Starbucks. SOHO. New York City. Saturday afternoon. Always a zoo, whether it's a Thursday morning or a rainy Saturday afternoon like today. When typically busy, the average wait just to go to the restroom is 20 minutes, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. The more efficient line to get your drink is 5-15 minutes. Although large with perhaps 25 tables, it can take 15 minutes of waiting like a bird of prey to get a seat. Need a power outlet for the laptop? Double that wait. At least. Aren't we in a recession? Perhaps the worst since the Great Depression? It doesn't matter. For $2.29, you can have enough of a caffeine fix to get you through... more if you like yours from the coffee bar (upwards of $5.00). Even when times are tight, an exorbitant number of the faithful can find that next bit of change to get their fix and perhaps have a place to roost... if they don't mind waiting.

A Cat in the Hat, er... on the Hat

Only in New York kids. I've seen this gent occasionally... you can't miss him. For only a "dollar or two" you can snap away. His wife works with him to collect the cash. He does take offense to picture snapping without the small donation, one man took his picture from a distance and with eagle-eyes he was picked out, muttering under his breath, "some people are just assholes".

Surprisingly, this wasn't as easy as putting the cat on his head and it staying put. To illustrate, he put the feline down on the ground, said something, the cat in one continuous move jumped on his hip and then to the top of his head where he had the best perch on Broadway.

Hey, times are tough- anything to make a buck (or two).

Friday, October 23, 2009

BLT Gallery Reception

The BLT Gallery Opening Reception for Gerald Dearing and Steve Pyke's exhibit, "Matter of Fact" with the beautiful Kate Secor who was charming enough to extend me an invitation.