Friday, July 29, 2011

Picture of the Day ~ Johnny Vercoutre

Johnny Vercoutre
"Johnny Vercoutre"

I love characters. Johnny Vercoutre is one of the true characters of London. Set back in time, Johnny's fondness for an era gone by is evident in everything he does, wears and what he surrounds himself with. On many Sundays, Johnny invites people to his "Time For Tea" location in East London. The ambiance of Time For Tea is a pure reflection of Johnny's personality down to every detail; old movie projectors (where he occasionally shows films) and the general decor makes you feel set back in time. On these occasions, the friends you meet are what you would expect, those who have a twinge of yearning to return to some of the character of a previous time- and characters in and of themselves.
New Friends at Johnny Vercoutre's "Time for Tea"
I would love to hunt down as many great "characters" as I could-wherever they are, to tell their story to the rest of the world. Some may call them eccentric, I've found they are often the most genuine individuals I've ever met. They live the life they want to live and are not tightly bound by societal norms. They're comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to let the soul have a transparant outer reflection. Perhaps it would make a great coffee-table book. Ahah! I'll put it on the list of the 2,754 other ideas I would like to see through. Maybe it will find its way to the top. Here's to the Johnny Vercoutre's of the world!
Rosie and Johnny

The Wonderful Character that is Johnny Vercoutre

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